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 Bulk messages to unlimited Contacts

This feature enables the user to send bulk messages by uploading numbers either manually or by uploading Excel sheet. Can send multiple messages upto 5 follow up message to same number at customizable time intervals. Upload excel sheet and type your campaign messages and required media files and add button if required, give campaign name and click on send. 

Chat button

Tools and incredible features

The marketing tool offers amazing data extraction tools like Grab group members, google map extractors etc where the AI tool extracts all the required data base for your campaigns to make it easy for the marketers.

Dp sender tool

Google map Data Extractor

This special feature enables the user to browse any data which they need and extract related numbers from google in excel sheet. Example click on the open browser button shown in below image, type automobile business near me, this will get some google list then click on grab now and all the required data for your automobile campaign in your hand.

Google data extractor

Total 15 multilingual options available

Multilingual options

Whatsapp Phone number filters and validators

It is recommended to validate all the phone numbers before starting campaign as to get 100% success rate of sent messages.

number filter

Send messages to multiple groups at a time

Initiate connection to your Whatsapp number and get all the group names to which bulk messages has to be sent, you can send multiple messages with all media files like image, video, pdf etc. Send unlimited Bulk WhatsApp messages to unlimited groups and unlimited contacts to generate instant leads for your business.

send messages

Auto Group Joiner

Use the group extractor feature to extract all the group links from google and then upload the excel and click initiate to join all the groups within minutes.

Auto group joiner

Group Finder

One of the cool tools of this marketing tool is group finder which enables the user to get bulk group links from google with keyword or subject in which they need to find the groups.

group finder

Add Bulk contacts in your groups

Upload the Excel sheet with bulk Whatsapp numbers click on click initiate button to connect to your whatsapp group and then start adding all the members in the group.

add member

Auto Responder Bot

auto reply bot

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