Top color combinations for your niche in 2022

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022

December 20, 2021

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.

Why do branding colors matter?

What color comes to mind when I say KFC? How about Coca-Cola?

Did you know Chase, Citibank, Barclay’s, Bank of America & Top banks in India like Sbi, IOB, HDFC, almost the majority of banks that use the color blue as a dominant branding color?

In fact very deliberately and strategically they have branded themself in blue. It’s no one-off phenomenon that these financial institutions are using blue because it happens to be a shade strongly associated with money., Even other insurance companies like Prudential and Merrill Lynch also use it on occasion. At this point, you might be wondering why they all use blue as a background or secondary branding color, right? The answer lies within cognitive science, which enforces the idea that consumers have idealized beliefs about product categories. When those beliefs are violated by experimental manipulations (i.e. products not having a particular coloring attached to them), consumers have negative reactions towards those products e.g., people viewed bread more negatively if it wasn’t white!

What Studies says about colors:

Some studies show that different colors can have an emotional impact on us such as the color red which tends to stimulate blood flow and raise blood pressure, while the color Blue has a calming effect.

One research paper from the University of Winnipeg found that the initial judgments people make about products, and brands, are based almost entirely on color. In fact, up to 90% of first opinions come from color alone.

We aren’t going to go into more detail about the relationships between color, emotion, and behavior but you may want to look into that area so that you know exactly what kind of impression you might be making on people who see your logo or see things around your office which are colored. Refer to this article of Wiki for more details about color psychology.

When creating a new brand, you should conduct your own research to learn what perceptions colors provoke and how they can be used to create a brand personality. Brand building is much like creating an original painting or sculpture – find out the main colors, think of the overall design theme, work on some details and motifs and lastly add finishing touches. Let’s explore some of the top color combinations for your niche in 2022.

Top Color combinations for your niche in 2022:

Don’t overdo it – less is more.

One of the keys to success for businesses is to choose an effective logo & theme color combination. However, beginners often choose more than enough possibilities causing these logos to have a chaotic appearance. It’s better to stay on the minimalistic side when it comes to logo color combinations as unlike multimedia logos, such as those with sounds or moving images, logo colors do not create any dynamics and time effects that can be crucial for brand recognition. Remember the below-mentioned combinations are not placed in any order pick what suits your niche.

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Charcoal #101820FF, Yellow #FEE715FF

Charcoal & yellow

Combining charcoal with yellow ( or black with yellow) is a rich color palette that can tell stories in many different ways. These contrasting colors provide the perfect backdrop for a logo design, a website banner image, or even as part of your plan to brand and market your recently launched product line. Either way, you choose to embrace this amalgamation of shades, there’s no denying that it has the power to get noticed!

This is one of the trending colors, well you still have enough time to catch this trend!.

Hex codes: Charcoal #101820FF, Yellow #FEE715FF

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Cherry Red #990011FF, Off-White #FCF6F5FF

Cherry red & off-white

You might have heard that one of the best color combinations for print designs is red, white, and black. Here’s why: You’re just as likely to see this combination in a magazine or a book as you are on a computer, laptop, or tablet! This color scheme is an eye-catcher both in print and digital media, making it perfect for whatever type of business you need to promote.

Hex codes: Cherry Red #990011FF, Off-White #FCF6F5FF

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Fuchsia #EC449B, Neon Green #99F443

Fuchsia & Neon Green

Another vibrant color pairing for your consideration is the culture-jamming fuchsia and bootleg green combo. A little more understated than hot pink and cyan, but equally noisy, this color pairing is ideal for both fashion designers and artists looking to make a statement with their work.

Hex codes: Fuchsia #EC449B, Neon Green #99F443

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Sky Blue #89ABE3FF, Bubblegum Pink #EA738DFF

Sky blue & bubblegum pink

Next, we have a modern take on something old-sky blue and bubblegum pink. The bold brightness of the bubblegum pink is soft yet powerful and gives off an upbeat feeling when combined with sky blue’s refreshing coolness. This fun color combination is prime for blogs, consulting companies, parenting logos, and businesses, or teenagers who are about to embark on the biggest challenge of their lives: growing up and learning to be responsible adults by themselves.

Hex codes: Sky Blue #89ABE3FF, Bubblegum Pink #EA738DFF

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Lime Green #CCF381, Electric Blue #4831D4

Lime green & electric blue

Lime green and electric blue are lively and vibrant colors that are great for advertising, as well as in fashion; they promote energy and self-expression. When used together, these two bright tones can be particularly effective if placed side by side or complementing one another in a logo or advertisement.

Hex codes: Lime Green #CCF381, Electric Blue #4831D4

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Lavender #E2D1F9, Teal #317773

Lavender & teal

Lavender is a nice purple that may be used for many products for both children and adults. Lavender and teal are a perfect color combination when it comes to aesthetics. It has a playful nature to it but does not void formality. It’s a good color to use these days because it can make almost any product easier on the eyes.

A lot of baby products feature this combination since parents know that these colors represent a harmonious, soothing nature.

Hex codes: Lavender #E2D1F9, Teal #317773

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Hot Pink #FF69B4, Neon Blue #00FFFF

Hot pink & cyan

Cyan is a difficult color to pair sometimes, but the hot pink and cyan combination is as striking as it is complimentary. The colors are often associated with childhood blankets or hoods — they’re really hyper-personalized! Combining bubblegum pop (or pop art) with cyberpunk (a sci-fi genre that’s more modern than out-of-date) ties together the cuteness of baby pink with a bit of an edge. These bright high contrast colors embody an excitement that’s ideal for alternative takes on playful companies.

Hex codes: Hot Pink #FF69B4, Neon Blue #00FFFF

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Darkslateblue #455073, Steelblue #6077c0, Brown #c0904d

Shades of Blue and Brown:

When designing your site, it’s vital to choose a color scheme that won’t distract your audience from the purpose of their visit. The best option is something simple like 2 shades of the same neutral color tone and a fifth color (from the brand palette). A combination of blue and brown (with a hint of yellow) creates a tasteful, professional-looking color palette that allows one to achieve fine results.

Hex codes: Darkslateblue #455073, Steelblue #6077c0, Brown #c0904d

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  cornflowerblue #6b9bd1, gainsboro #cedef0, Purple #9d9ad9

Shades of Blue and Purple:

Let your logo speak for itself. Here we have used two shades of blue and a dash of purple. The lighter stone blue balances the darker option and compliments it well, while the purple adds an interesting touch that would be sure to separate one’s brand from the crowd.

Hex codes: cornflowerblue #6b9bd1, gainsboro #cedef0, Purple #9d9ad9

Top color combinations for your niche in 2022.  Hex codes: Black #231f1c, Coffee brown #937047, Bone #e7dac7

Black, Coffee Brown, with Bone:

A color is a powerful tool and with so many options it can be hard to find one that fits your company’s specific personality. These colors may be ordinary separately, but together they create an inviting, cozy atmosphere where you might want to curl up with a nice cup of coffee and take a break from whatever you’re doing. This mix also goes well with Luxury Brands.

Hex codes: Black #231f1c, Coffee brown #937047, Bone #e7dac7

Navy, Yellow, Beige:

We absolutely love blue around here, and you’re probably getting to see why. The color is the most used in logos of the top 100 brands worldwide – so we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you like AT&T, NASA, IKEA, and Walmart. Wheat-beige acts as a subtle connector between blue and yellow which allows us to create an air of professionalism but still evokes the energetic nature that we want this logo to exude to our customers.

Hex Codes: Navy #00154f, Yellow #f4Af1b, Beige #f2bc94

Blue, Red, Yellow: Contrast Mix

Contrast – that’s what this word represents. The kind of contrast needed to lift your brand off the page and successfully leave an imprint is three-fold: complements, triads, and a touch of dissonance to create just the right shades of your company’s brand spanking new logo.

Hex codes: Blue #283350, Red #f93800, Yellow #ffb500.

Blue, Yellow, Green: young and energetic:

This one goes with a mixture of two primary colors and incorporates their secondary into the mix – a perfect match! The butter-yellow majority with a touch of lime keeps the logo playful and youthful. And the azure lettering brings an heir of wisdom to the table.

Hex codes: Blue #283350, Yellow #ffd55a, Green #6dd47e.

Royal Blue and Peach: Bold and Peaceful

Royal blue and peach create an interesting combination when paired together, with the royal blue creating a bold impression that is well-balanced by the softness of peach. This color scheme is best used in logo designs or website templates.

Hex codes: Royal Blue #00539CFF, Peach #EEA47FFF

Tools: How to find the color of an image?

When we think about colors there could be many situations where we would have come across the perfect color for our brand but couldn’t find its name or Hex code. No worries here I have mentioned some ways using which you can find the color of images on the internet on the go.

  1. Eye Dropper – This tool lets you pick colors from any website and also has its own color pallette history(Remembers your favourite colors). This tool comes as a chrome extension so no download or upload of files required to find the name of your favourite colors.
  2. Image color picker This online site lets you upload your favourite images and helps you idendify its colors.


Does the color of your website affect how people perceive your business? Definitely! According to one study, an estimated 70 percent of Americans make decisions based on the mood produced by color alone. There has been no singular conclusive study that confirms this, but a lot of studies have shown evidence towards the fact that there is some sort of link between emotions and feelings when it comes to shades and hues. It has to be said as well that our preferences when it came to coloration change as we grow older; research also suggests certain universal attributes associated with human emotion and behavior.

By examining your industry, competition, and clients or audience, you will be able to build a palette for your company based on deeper interpretations of how specific colors can solve specific problems. That puts you in the perfect place to gain loyalty, and affinity with your target audience making you the industry leader.

About Me:

I am Vishnu Raam Founder of Digital pilotz which is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Chennai. We believe that problems are the steps to success if addressed well. our mission is to build solutions and offer services that make the digital world accessible and affordable for all.

Vishnu Raam

I am Vishnu Founder of Digital pilotz which is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Chennai. We believe that problems are the steps to success if addressed well. our mission is to build solutions and offer services that make the digital world accessible and affordable for all.

I am an Experienced Business Development Manager & Digital marketing expert with a good understanding of various business models operating in both B-B and B-C markets. My passion for teaching and sharing knowledge made me write these articles for you.

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